Student Ambassador

BRi Campus Clubs

Imagine the highest quality university student programs you’ve ever heard of. Programs that incite invention, inspire innovation, and foster global change. Now imagine a Bio Re Inventors Lab program that engaged students all over the world, building campus groups that each have hundreds of passionate volunteers contributing to BRi as advocates, technologists, and innovators. Now imagine that these groups were on thousands of University campuses in hundreds of countries. That is the vision for BRi Campus Clubs. To spark a movement -- a loud voice, a breeding ground for new ideas, a massive force, a deep talent pool -- that powers the open science to new heights..

We’re dedicated to connecting your Club to the best open source activities on the web. By participating in the activities below your Club will develop new skills, contribute to innovative web technologies, and be part of a powerful network of students and professionals, dedicated to keeping the web a global public resource, open and accessible to all
Local groups of students with a passion for technology working together to build the open web on University and College campuses worldwide.s