• Shoot multiplication by using different concentration of sucrose in media.
• Microhome induction.
• In-vitro cultivation of different plants.
• In-vitro cultivation of Banana by changing hormone concentration.
• In-vitro cultivation of plants by using different support matrixes.
• In-vitro cultivation of plants & study of plants up to molecular level.
• Change in ploidy.
• Study on In-vitro cultivation of grapes.
• Advances in Watermelon cultivation.
• In-vitro cultivation of Assam Tea.

• Role of Nano-particles in Agriculture industry.
• Application of Biotechnology in Energy Generation.
• Production of Bio-fuel from Algae & Fungi.
• Study of Synthetic Biology.
• Application Nano-particles in disease treatment.
• Formation of Bioplastic.
• Production of Biocement.
• Plants in treatment of Genetic Disorder.
• Study of Regenerative Medicine.
• Application of Nano-particles in Regenerative medicine.
• Production of Nano-fibers.
• Role of Nano-fibers in Drug Targeting.
• Expression profiling of gene.
• Lipid based Drug delivery system.
• Characterization of Biofilm produced by Bacteria.
Chronic Disease Biology

-Cancer research
-Cardiovascular disease & Diabetes
Tropical Disease Biology

-Viral Disease Biology
-Bacterial and Parasite Biology
Disease Biology

-Molecular Reproduction
-Molecular Neurobiology & Genetics
-Plant disease Biology & biotechnology
Microbiome Biology

-Microbiome Research