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Details of sample treatment and brief experimental plan:
Type of Sample:
Tissue DNA
Genotyping by Sequencing (RAD Technology) / GBS Genome Wide SNP genotyping
Genome Information:
Genome available Genome size (Specify)

RAD Technology / GBS on HiSeq 2000:

Restriction Enzyme

ApeK I or
Pst I or
Not I or
Sbf I or
BamH I
Other please specify:

Data type



1 million read tags per sample
2 million read tags per sample
3 million read tags per sample
Other please specify:

iScan: Ready Bead Chips

Maize SNP50 Bead chip
Tomato SNP
Potato SNP
Bovine HD SNP50 Bead Chip
Bovine HD 777 Bead chip
HumanOmni2.5-8 SNP Assay
HumanOmni5Exome Assay
Human Cardio-Metabo DNA Analysis

Custom SNP Assay:

Golden gate assay on iScan
Infinium assay on iScan
iPLEX assay on Sequenom MassARRAY
SNP details (rsID)
Sequence information(fasta format)
No of SNPs
Bioinformatics deliverables:

SNP Genotyping

Raw data files SNPs list in CSV format

Advanced services:

Cluster analysis Linkage disequilibrium/analysis Association study Minor allele frequency

Genotyping by sequencing (RAD technology)/GBS: (parent & progeny data)

List of identified loci and SNPs in excel sheet
List of haplotypes in excel sheet
LD information
Marker quality statistics
Construction of linkage map
Population haplotype frequencies

Following criteria to assess the quality of RAD markers for Genetic linkage map construction will be provided

Total number of loci detected
The percentage of polymorphic loci
Segregation distortion between maps in equivalent position
For any specific analysis, kindly mention below:
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