Client Details:
Project Details:
Type of Sample:
Tissue DNA Body fluid Bacterial Culture Compound Protien
Hiseq Miseq Ion Torrent SOLiD 4 QSAR NextSeq500 PacBio
Reference based De novo based
Genome Information:
Genome available Genome size (Specify)
Services type & Deliverables:

Whole Transcriptome Analysis/RNA-Seq:

Denovo based

Assembled transcript contigs
Functional annotation of transcript contigs

Advanced services (Optional on additional payment)

Pathway analysis
CDS prediction
SNP discovery (if more than one sample or homology based)
Simple sequence repeats (SSRs) discovery
Differential gene expression along with heat map (if more than one sample)

Reference based

Gene expression
Functional annotation of expressed genes in the samples
Differential gene expression based on FPKM

Various types of plots:

Volcano Plot
Scatter Plot
Box Plot
Density Plot

Advanced services:(Optional on additional payment)

Novel transcripts
Pathways analysis

Small RNA analysis:

Identification of small non-coding RNA
Sequences of mRNA targets for small non coding RNA
Expression profiling (only possible if more than one sample)

Advanced services:(Optional on additional payment)

Novel miRNA prediction
Target prediction of small non coding RNA
Network analysis
For any specific analysis, kindly mention below:
Estimated Budget: