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Overseas Education In Life Science

Welcome to Bio Re Inventors Abroad, your university advice specialists. We can help you find a place at a university that is right for you. Our firm has provided services for over ten years and has built a reputation of integrity and efficiency

What We do

We understand that each student is different. We will find the best academic route for you and ensure that your transition to higher education is smooth, simple and enjoyable

Assist you in processing your Applications for Overseas Studies at Renowned University.

Our Counselors have many years of experience and stay updated​ with all new Visa Rules. We are dedicated to providing you with the most thorough and up-to-date service possible.

Services Offered are as follows:

 Career Counseling
 Choosing the right course in the right university
 Up to date information of various standardized tests
 Transcript/ Recommendation/SOP Preparation
 Education Loans / Financial Affidavit Preparation
 Scholarship/ Financial Aid assistance
 spot admissions-meet the delegates of various Universities
 Visa Help Desk
 Travel Desk-Ticketing, Forex, Passports and Money Transfers.
 Pre-Departure Orientation
 Accommodation Assistance
 Visitor Visa for Parents