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Xtrem Innovators


To broaden students’ and public perspective, about many different forms that science and medicine can assume beyond ownership. We want the people to know, who the real scientists are today, what problems in Science and Technology are, and how we are solving them
Focus on a better understanding of science and Technology innovation and the value they bring to improving human health.
Discuss latest medical and scientific findings/new technologies available for scientists and MDs in 21st century.
Network with MD and Professional scientists

How to reach the objectives

Professional MD and Research scientists will present their work online (5 min presentation) briefly introducing their research, addressing the problems that they are facing and what approach they are taking to solve them. (All these will be spoken about in simple form so that the public understands).
The presentations will be available online and will be shared by all professionals.
Public (student) interaction will be influenced by asking questions at the end of presentations. Best answer will be awarded.
Every Year on 25th April Nation DNA day Mega event Xtrem Innovators will take place where all over world students will take a part competition will take a place in all collages and university and winners from all university will be face a challenges round assign by Industry expert and one will be Xtrem innovators .