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BRi Biotechnology Consulting specializes in providing services in the following areas:
• Valuations and business modeling – useful for determining fair value of intangible assets,
• Market analysis – when detailed data about specific market or segment is needed,
• IP management – comprehensive services for intellectual property management,
• Assessment of the commercial potential – helps to introduce new products and services to the market most efficiently,
• Business matchmaking – a way to broaden your network in life science society.
We are developing our competences especially towards the area of biotechnology and broadly understood life sciences industry. Our offers of direct business cooperation are always tailored to individual customer needs and expectations. Each project that we have the opportunity to work with is different, therefore, we do not close ourselves in the rigid framework of a single scheme of action.
Detailed information on the different services we offer can be found on the appropriate tabs. We also encourage you to familiarize yourselves worth the recommendations received by us.
If you are managing or planning to conduct an R&D project related to life sciences area, we encourage you to become our partner. We are ready to provide you with technical and/or financial support.

VALUATIONS AND BUSINESS MODELING BRi Specializes in the valuation of intangible assets, which include:
• patents,
• patent applications,
• know-how,
• brands and trademarks,
• computer programs,
• completed R&D projects,
• Specific contracts (e.g. licensing agreements).
Additionally, our company offers valuation of shares in the company, as well as the entire company or its organized part.

Valuation Process

Intangible assets are a complex and diverse group of assets, therefore the process of valuation and the methods used may differ between individual cases. Nevertheless, each carried out by our company comprises of the following elements:
• identification and definition of the subject of valuation,
• gathering the necessary data,
• acceptance of the valuation assumptions by the customer,
• analysis of the gathered information and preparation of the valuation,
• Presentation of the results.


Our analysts are capable of using the following valuation methods, depending on the needs of individual cases:
• income valuation approach – based on predicting the future potential income,
• market valuation approach – based on historical sales values of similar assets,
• Cost valuation approach – based on the cost of reconstruction or replication of assets.

Sample applications

Determination of the fair value of intangible asset for the purpose of transaction (sale, purchase, licensing),
Determination of the fair value of intangible asset to support the investment decision,
Determination of fair value of intangible asset for the purpose of creation of the commercialization strategies and business plans.

BRi Bio-Tech Consulting services also include comprehensive market research. Its goal is to determine the attractiveness of the market and understand the opportunities and potential risks in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of the project. The result is a market research report containing, among others, the following information:
• size of the market (current and projected),
• pace of market development,
• market trends,
• key success factors,
• applicable distribution channels,
• major companies operating on the market,
• Analysis of the technological advantage.


The process of market research comprises of the following elements:

• preliminary assessment,
• determining the optimal scope of service with the client,
• conducting the research,
• Presentation including discussion of the results.

Sample applications

• market research as part of a thorough analysis of the commercial potential of technology,
• examining the costs of the different commercialization options,
• Planning expansion into new markets.
BRi Bio-Tech Consulting offers comprehensive services for intellectual property management process. We support our customers already at the level of exploration in the patent and scientific literature. Our experts offer a variety of services, including:

• examination of the patentability,
• patent purity tests,
• state of the art studies,
• analysis of the technological advantages,
• freedom-to-operate analysis,
• Patent landscape analysis.

Sample applications

• assessment of the merits of starting any research and development project (prevention of bearing unnecessary costs, violation of rights of third parties, developing the solutions of not sufficient technological advantage, or not having the patentability),
• support in choosing the most advantageous method for the protection of the intellectual property,
• Obtaining information on trends in development in the field, areas where the solution is protected, or patent strategy of the competition.


When planning the future long-term activity of a company in a given market, the key element is to provide patent protection of a new product or service. However, costs associated with obtaining and maintaining such protection in all potentially interesting markets, are not always justified from an economic point of view. Bio-Tech Consulting team supports customers in identifying markets, which are the most attractive targets for territorial expansion.


Analysis of the economic relevance of patent protection comprises the following elements:

• primary assessment and determining the optimal scope of service with the client;
• conducting a detailed economic analysis;
• Recommendations, together with a discussion of the results.

Sample applications

• creating intellectual property protection strategies for new products or services
• creating marketing strategies for products or services
• planning expansion into new markets
BRi Bio-Tech Consulting specializes in the evaluation of the commercial potential R&D projects. We support our customers from the planning stage for future research and development activities, to the stage of implementation of new solution to industry. A comprehensive assessment of the commercial potential helps to reduce the risk resulting from the adoption of misguided investment decisions, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the analyzed solution.


Evaluation of the commercial potential is a complex process that includes the analysis of the following items:

• technology (especially the identification of technological advantage),
• intellectual property (especially determination of the status of intellectual property protection, and an analysis of production and trade freedoms),
• the market (especially its size, trends, forecasts, competitors solutions and products),
• regulatory issues,

Sample applications

• assessment of the merits of starting any research and development project (prevention of unnecessary costs),
• choosing the most appropriate intellectual protection form,
• Determining the most promising markets for implementation of new product or service.
BRi Bio-Tech Consulting offers business matchmaking service for companies and individuals in life science sector. We can arrange one-to-one meetings with prospective partners, vendors, agents, suppliers, distributors, and customers. Continuous monitoring of the life science market gives BRi Bio-Tech Consulting solid understanding of all potential parties, as well as the ability to equally represent both sides to a connection without bias.


The process of business matchmaking comprises of the following elements:

• determination of client`s needs,
• identification of potential partners resulting in market scan report,
• screening and selection – narrowing suggested company list,
• scheduling one or more meetings,
• Meeting facilitation, technical and logistical assistance when necessary.